Ergo Primo S Posterior Walker

Ergo Primo S Posterior Walker



RRP $1,098.50 SAVE $699.50

Support and Stabilisation of the upright posture. ⋅ Supporting a healthy posture and unloading the backbone. ⋅ Less strain on the wrists due to ergonomic handles. ⋅ The high seat position reduces the physical strain while sitting down and so spares the joints ⋅ The Easy Usability, high stability and well-conceived construction makes the ergoPrimo suitable for a lot of different disease patterns. ⋅ Stroke Patients with single sided hemiplegia. ⋅ MS patients with restricted mobility ⋅ Patients with limited functionality of the hip and leg area Restricted movability and low coordination skills ⋅ This walker requires less physical strain and coordination skills while sitting down and standing up.


Brand Ergo

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