10 Must-Have Mobility Daily Living Aids to Help the Seniors

Author: Hunter Appliances and Mobility  Date Posted:4 April 2024 

Living aids offer seniors autonomy to carry out their daily lives and reduce the risk of falls and injuries. These aids help people with age-related challenges and individuals with disabilities. Adding devices such as a walker, mobility scooters...

10 Must-Have Mobility Daily Living Aids


Living aids offer seniors autonomy to carry out their daily lives and reduce the risk of falls and injuries. These aids help people with age-related challenges and individuals with disabilities. Adding devices such as a walker, mobility scooters and non-slip mats into their routine can help transform the lives of the elderly by providing them with the care, mobility and safety that they need.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 essential mobility daily aids that are designed to enhance the overall well-being and safety of your elders/seniors. These mobility aids constitute walking assistance aids, bathroom aids, kitchen aids and many more.

So, let us begin without causing any further delay.

1. Seat Walkers:

Seat walkers are ideal for those who need additional support to move here and there. They are designed to provide elders and people with disability balance, independence, and safety. Take a look at this stylish walker, manufactured from heavy-duty aluminium and equipped with features such as handbrakes and removable padded backrests. It also has a padded seat that enables individuals to sit when they get tired of walking.


2. Mobility Scooters:

Mobility scooters are great for those who can’t walk long distances because of their age or disability. They are battery-operated, so they require less physical activity. You can travel long distances with mobility scooters, so they will help you get your independence back. This mobility scooter comes with non-marking pneumatic tyres, a power motor, a comfortable seat base and many more features.


3. Mobility Wheelchair:

Mobility wheelchairs can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are ideal for individuals who can’t walk or stand for extended periods. They are not as fast as mobility scooters, but they are easy to maneuver in confined spaces such as homes, shops and public transportation. The Quickie 2000 is an exceptional power wheelchair designed to provide maximum comfort. Check its features to know about the product.


4. Shower Chair:

For seniors, a shower chair is one of the most essential daily aids. And this is because the bathroom is the most risky place in the house. With shower chairs, elders can enjoy a bath without anyone's assistance. This shower chair’s seat is designed with a natural look of faux timber and has adjustable aluminium legs.


5. Absorbent Mat Non-Slip:

Absorbent Mat Not-Slip is designed to prevent falls and injuries in areas where the liquid is often split, such as bathrooms. These mats are designed to remain firm with the floor, so they help reduce falls. You can place these mats beside a bathroom or on the floor in front of kitchen sinks, kitchen and laundries. But ensure you place it on a smooth and clean floor.


6. Bath Sponge Long Handle:

It becomes difficult for elders and people facing challenges because of a medical condition or disability to reach certain parts of the body. This bath sponge's long-handle mobility daily aids enable individuals to reach difficult areas such as the back and feet. The sponge can be machine washed, so you need not worry about its cleaning.


7. One-Touch Jar Opener:

Many factors affect individual hand movements, such as loss of muscle mass and strength because of age, arthritis and joint pain, neurological changes or other chronic conditions. Hand movement issues can make even small things hard, such as opening a jar opener. This one-touch jar opener is designed for such individuals. You can open the jar with the touch of a button, and it is perfect for hands of all sizes.

8. Anti-Spill Suction Mug:

As the name suggests, anti-spill suction mugs are designed to reduce spillages. Its easy grip handle ensures one can easily lift the cup from the surface. So, they are ideal for people who have less strength in their hands and fingers. Also, its insulated wall will keep your coffee warm for an extended period.

9. Conni Bed Pad:

The Conni bed pads can absorb water for long hours, providing comfort to elders with bedwetting problems. Moreover, you can wash and reuse it multiple times, therefore they provide an environment-friendly alternative to disposable bed pads. Conni bed pad is also manufactured with non-toxic material, which means it is safe to use.

10. Plate with Side Edges:

The plate with side edges is another must-have essential mobility daily aid that helps reduce the likelihood of spillage. The side edges keep the food inside the plate, so it’s best for individuals who have limited hand strength. It can make your elders' eating more comfortable and enjoyable.

Final Words:

This article has covered almost all the essential mobility living aids that can help elders live a comfortable life. They provide a practical solution to their everyday challenges and how they can age with grace. If you want to buy any of the above living aids for your elders or yourself, explore our mobility daily aids and live a comfortable and fulfilling life.