ConeZILLA, Ice Cream Memory Card Game by Foxmind This wonderfully simple and attractive game of memory and tactic will have children and adults rallying for second and third servings! The object of the game is to be the first to build the most spectacular 10-scoop ice cream ConeZILLA. Each player starts with a cone and one scoop of ice cream. All other scoops numbered between 2 to 49 are placed face down on the table. Players take turns flipping over a scoop and decide whether to add it on top of their growing cone or flip it back into place. Players can only add a scoop to a cone if its value is superior to their current top scoop. Contents: 4 starting cones with one scoop 48 scoop-shaped cards Game rules Features: MEMORY AND DEDUCTION GAME FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - Pay attention to each of the scoops that your opponents flip back. Remember the card's location for future draws as you build your ConeZILLA. STRATEGIC FUN FOR ALL AGES - This memory game is fun for the whole family. Despite its simple rules, it presents a fun and intricate challenge for all skill levels! Recommended for kids 6 years and up. EDUCATIONAL PLAYTIME - ConeZILLA helps children understand number values and numerical order by identifying and comparing their newly drawn card with their current top card. CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED - ConeZilla has been awarded the 2018 Family Game of the Year in Europe and has received a Seal of Excellence from Creative Child Magazine.

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