The Fitted Sheet holds the built-in Bed Pad securely in place Waterproof and breathable Bed Pad Please note that the waterproof backing is only on the absorbent Bed Pad Soft stay-dry top layer Bed Pad slim absorbent core holds up to 2500ml over 8 hours Fabric is comfortable and quiet; ensuring a restful night’s sleep Extremely lightweight Quick and easy to launder

Conni Bed Pads are machine washable for easy care and maintenance. For best results, wash with WARM or COOL water and a good quality laundry detergent. Conni products dry quickly on the clothesline or in the tumble dryer on LOW heat. Too much heat can damage the waterproof layer. - Do not use fabric softeners - Do not use bleach

Conni Bed Pads are designed with sustainability in mind. Our Conni Bed Pads are Oeko-Tex certified, eco-friendly and have a reduced impact on the environment. Conni Bed Pads are reusable and machine washable, which means they can be used multiple times before needing to be replaced. This reduces the amount of waste generated by disposable bed protection products. Finally, Conni is committed to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices, which means they work closely with their suppliers to ensure that all materials are sourced responsibly and that workers are treated fairly. This commitment to sustainability and social responsibility makes Conni Bed Pads a great choice for anyone looking for a more environmentally friendly option for bedding protection.

SKU WEB-CFBP-107203-00-1
Brand Conni
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg

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