The Kaiko wrist spikey is discreet to wear and is primarily used as a harm minimisation tool that provides 'hurt without harm'. We have had customers who’ve bought the wrist spikey fidget from us and told us it has been the best tool to help them warding against tendency to self-harm, as it provides 'ouch' without damaging the skin. Of course, the spikey fidget does not replace accessing professional help. It is a useful tool for the kit-bag. The Kaiko Spikey for wrist helps with self-regulation, calming, focus, concentration, tactile awareness and as a substitution for unhealthy/unhelpful behaviours. We have also had a number of customers report it being helpful in reducing pain & disturbed sensation in arms and muscles. Please consult your treating clinician regarding specific use for your specific condition. Made of stretchy metal, they come in a range of sizes and NOW a range of colours. Colour versions can be found in separate listings. It is an ideal tool for those that need support to minimise self harm. It can provide the 'hurt' without the harm. pick at their skin, fingernails & fingers and clothing. live with anxiety & find high sensory input helpful.

SKU ONLINEKai-wr-sx-0123
Brand H.A.A.M
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg

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