Floor To Ceiling Grab Pole

Floor To Ceiling Grab Pool Bed Bath Lounge

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The Universal Floor-To-Ceiling Grab Bar makes it easy to stand from any couch, bed or toilet. Easy to assemble with no screws or bolts required, it tension mounted so it can be placed anywhere in the home without screwing holes info your floor or ceiling. It comes with skid resistant pads to protect your ceiling and floor from damage. Features & Benefits: Prevents falls on wet or slippery surfaces Adjustable to fit 7', 8' and 9' ceilings Place anywhere you need it, next to the couch, bed, shower or toilet Tension mounted, no screws or bolts required Specifications: Multiple handle positions 35' to 48" Powder coated steel construction Included height adjustment wrench Weight Capacity 136kg


SKU 47001Q
Brand Able Life

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