Top 10 Must-Have Mobility Aids for Seniors

Author: Hunter Appliances and Mobility  Date Posted:29 November 2023 

Senior people require assistance in moving around the house, cooking, cleaning and doing other daily activities. Over the years, many mobility aids such as scooters, stairlifts and walkers have helped seniors live a more independent and fulfilling life...

Must have Mobility Aids for Seniors

Senior people require assistance in moving around the house, cooking, cleaning, and doing other daily activities. Over the years, many mobility aids such as scooters, stairlifts, and walkers have helped seniors live a more independent and fulfilling life. But these are not the only mobility aids. Many others can provide them with freedom and autonomy and meet their daily needs. So, let us explore what are those. And how can they help them? But before that, look at different types of mobility aids for seniors.

1. Daily Aids:

This category includes a broad range of items that can help seniors live an independent life. It includes everything from bed pads and anti-slip mats to IV poles and back supports.

2. Bathroom Aids:

These include bathmats, folding shower chairs, and other products that make showering and doing other things in the bathroom safe and accessible.

3. Bedroom and Kitchen Aids:

These aids include mattress covers, cloud pillows, free-standing ovens, and other products. These products are designed to enhance comfort and safety within the bedroom and the bathroom. 

4. Walking Aids:

These aids include products, such as wheelchairs, transfer belts, seat walkers, palm handle canes, and many more. The best thing is that you can get all these mobility aids in Hunter Valley at reasonable prices and navigate your surroundings more comfortably.

Who benefits from the mobility aids?

Mobility aids are beneficial for seniors or people with mobility issues. Those who have arthritis, joint pain, heart conditions, or walking disability due to injury can move around easily with mobility aids. They not only help them move around independently but also assist them in maintaining a high quality of life and boost their emotional and mental state.

Top 10 Mobility Aids For Seniors:

1. Palm Handle Cane:

Cane caters to the needs of individuals who don’t require constant support or have fewer mobility issues. They offer stability and support while ascending or descending stairs and navigating uneven stairs where extra support is required. However, it’s essential to train your loved ones properly on how to use a cane before going out in public. The palm handle cane provides perfect support for people with limited mobility issues. It is available for both the left and right hand and comes with a height adjustment of 19mm.

2. Absorbent Mat No Slip:

No slip pad provides a safe living environment for elderly people. They prevent seniors from falling and slipping in areas that are prone to moisture or spills, enabling them to move freely in the kitchen and bathroom. The absorbent no-slip pads are designed to sit perfectly on the floor. 

3. Mattress Cover:

Another beneficial mobility equipment in Hunter Valley that you should consider having is a mattress cover. The mattress covers are designed to absorb urine, which enables the elders to have a good night's sleep. It has a non-pilling upper layer, superior absorption, and many more features that make it perfect for use.

4. Back Cushion:

Back cushions are designed to provide support and relieve oneself from his/her pain. It is designed to provide comfort and reduce muscle and strain. It also comes with a zip-off cover that is easy to wash.

5. Kitchen Stool:

For an elderly person, working on a benchtop can be painful and tiring, but a kitchen stool can provide a practical solution. It helps reduce the strain on elderly people's legs and lets them do their activities in the kitchen with ease and enjoyment. The product features non-slip feet, adjustable height, padded seats, and more.

6. Bedside Commode:

People who can’t use traditional toilets because of some medical issues can use a bedside commode. These small portable toilets will make it easy for your loved ones to relieve themselves without getting embarrassed. It features a clip-on toilet, which helps in swift assembly.

7. Suction Grab Rail:

Grab rail provides support when individuals reach out to something in the bathroom. An individual can lean on their weight on a grab rail and use the toilet facilities without falling and hurting themselves. The suction grab rail is easy to install, and one can easily remove it after use.

8. Soft Transfer Belt:

Soft transfer belts accommodate the individual with mobility challenges and the caregiver by facilitating safe and smoother transactions. Its large vertical handles and buckles make it easy to lift the patient. And one can easily adjust it as per their size.

9. Long-handled Comb:

People with limited mobility find it difficult to comb their hair comfortably. This long-handled comb is provided with extra length, and one can also adjust the angle of the comb.

10. Bed Sitting Cushion:

For someone who wants to sit in bed to read, a bed-sitting cushion can provide them with lateral support for doing this. Our bed-sitting cushion is made from foam, and you can remove the white quilted cover for washing.

The Bottom Line:

So, these are some of the mobility aids that you must keep for your elderly at home. But if they have any unique needs, view our extensive selection of mobility aids at Hunter Appliances and Mobility in Hunter Valley.